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Posted: September 20th 2015 By: Jonathan Statham

Cornwall’s leading luxury hotel – The Nare – is setting even higher standards with the quality of its linen and laundry thanks to a major investment programme undertaken with Redruth-based commercial laundry specialists Brewer and Bunney.

Rated by the AA for the for the past 15 years as the best hotel in Cornwall, when hotel owner Toby Ashworth decided to bring all of the Nare’s laundry services in house in order to increase quality, he turned to Brewer and Bunney.

According to Brewer and Bunney The Nare now boasts the latest, state of the art hotel laundry in the county, following the installation of 5 Electrolux Industrial Washing machines, 3 Industrial tumble dryers, and two Electrolux Rotary Ironers.

Now not only has the hotel achieved its goal of providing greater quality for its guests, but it is also seeing increased environmental benefits in the shape of reduced water and chemical usage, lower electricity usage and reduced laundry costs compared to outsourcing the majority of its laundry needs, which it previously did.

According to Mr Ashworth, the benefits of having a laundry designed and installed from scratch were apparent from day one.

“We originally had a very small laundry in the hotel, with the majority of our laundry outsourced to a third party. The problem was that we had no control over the quality and when you are running a hotel that prides itself on quality, this is always going to be issue.

“We recognised that we needed to bring our laundry needs back in house and having done so by working with Brewer and Bunney, the difference has been significant, with our guests openly commenting on the improved quality,” said Mr Ashworth.

“After finding premises just a few minutes from the hotel we effectively had a blank canvas in which to create a dedicated laundry which was fantastic. Once we had decided on the layout, Brewer and Bunney installed all of the equipment, including taking our existing equipment out of the Nare and re-siting it alongside the new equipment, before providing our team with full training. The whole process took place remarkably smoothly,” he added.

Brewer and Bunney MD David Hayes said he was delighted that the results being achieved by the Nare were so positive.

“It’s extremely pleasing that the results being seen by the Nare – not just in terms of increasing the quality for its guests but in the associated chemical, water, electricity and cost savings – are so positive.

“The planning stages of this project were crucial to its success and Toby and his team were committed to quality at every level and are now reaping the benefits of taking such a dedicated approach,” said David.