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Posted: March 26th 2019 By: Jonathan Statham

Fresh bed sheets, fluffy towels and pristine washcloths are just a few of the reasons why we all love staying in hotels. That feeling of luxury is simply unbeatable, and there’s a reason why we all sleep so much better in a plush hotel bed. When even small details like the cleanliness of your napkins and the fluffiness of your bath mats will be noticed by your hotel guests, it’s imperative that you make sure your laundry is spot on every time.

With so much to tend to as a hotel manager, whether you run a huge business hotel or a cosy bed and breakfast, it can be tempting to outsource your laundry. However, there are many reasons to keep your washing and drying under one roof, as we discuss here.

You can define your own standards

As we’ve just discussed, pristine laundry is essential to giving your hotel guests the hospitality experience they deserve. However, when you’re outsourcing your bed sheets, robes, chef’s whites and table cloths, how can you be sure they’ll return in the condition you expect? By keeping your laundry in-house, you’ll be able to conduct frequent quality checks to make sure you’re achieving the standard that keeps your guests happy.

It’s convenient

Outsourcing your laundry may seem like a time-saving option as you won’t actually be responsible for washing and drying each item yourself. Despite this, you’ll still have to find a laundry company you trust, make sure your laundry is collected and returned on time, and complete your own quality check. Additionally, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to wait for a third party to deal with it before you can carry out any damage control yourself. Alternatively, by bringing your laundry in-house, you can simplify the entire process and make sure you’ve got an effective system in place.

You can offer laundry services

By investing in equipment and making sure your staff have laundry solutions in place to wash, dry and return clean washing, you’ll have the opportunity to offer laundry services to guests. This is a great way to not only increase your hotel’s profits, but also to make your guests’ stay even simpler. Instead of directing your customers to the local launderette, you’ll be able to offer a seamless laundry service yourself.

It’s cost-effective

By cutting all the costs associated with outsourcing your laundry, you’ll be able to save money and keep it within the hotel. If you take the advice of commercial cleaning experts and have a laundry audit drawn up for your specific establishment, you’ll be able to assess your energy usage, product usage and equipment to make sure you’re not spending any money unnecessarily. This will give your hotel the opportunity to save time and money, rather than paying an external company to take care of your laundry for you.

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