Coast to Coast - St Ives Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundries

Gillingham, UK


Coast to Coast laundry service based in beautiful St Ives in Cornwall is a successful commercial laundry business that has been operation for nearly 10 years.

A constant theme throughout their 10 years has been the use of Brewer & Bunney as their equipment supplier.

Why Brewer & Bunney?

"Brewer & Bunney have been with us from the very start. They provided all our equipment on a very flexible rental contract and we had a mixture of new and pre-owned equipment which suited our budget. Throughout the years they have upgraded equipment as the business has grown. Their service support on the rental contract has been great and we know we are always going to receive a same day / next day service. We greatly appreciate what they have done for our business."

Rachel - Co-owner of Coast to Coast

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