Brewer and Bunney offer the Electrolux Lagoon Wet Cleaning system for the Dry Cleaning market. We are the approved agent for the entire South west for this Wool Mark approved system. We have installed many systems over the past few years as Dry Cleaners have moved away from traditional dry cleaning to the more environmentally friendly Lagoon Wet cleaning system, which uses soft soaps and water rather than toxic solvents. Clothes smell fresher and feel better and all the chemicals are fully bio degradable. The latest version of the system is a Lagoon Advanced Care, which is a “dry to dry” system meaning that you can wash, dry and finish garments within 1 hour.

We have our own fully operational system in our showroom at Redruth that potential users are more than welcome to visit and bring garments with them to process.

Our Lagoon Wet Clean system can be provided on our NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED Lease purchase Schemes backed by our guaranteed same day/next day service.

Some Dry Cleaners who now use Lagoon complete with Brewer and Bunney services include:

  • Class Cleaners – Bodmin
  • Clean Call – Newton Abbot
  • Downtons Dry Cleaners – Launceston
  • Ideal Dry Cleaners – Exmouth
  • Bubble Launderette – Helston

In addition Brewer & Bunney are proud to have over 2,000 private customers covering Residential Nursing Care and Tourism – Hospitality providers, over the South West.

Case Studies

Class Dry Cleaners


Class Dry Cleaners in Bodmin is the latest Dry Cleaning business to invest in The Electrolux Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Cleaning System.

Colin Bate has been a Dry Cleaner for 20 years and has been looking for a viable alternative for some time now. Colin was very keen to move away from the cleaning solvent perchloroethylene and took the opportunity to install a Lagoon Advanced Care Wet Clean System which uses only water and natural soaps, which are fully biodegradable. The system is “dry to dry” which means the garments are washed and then fully dried before being finished. The whole process only takes 1hour.

Colin says “I am very impressed with the new system. The shop smells a lot better and more importantly so do the garments. Everything that is processed smells fresh and clean. Finishing the garments is as easy as dry cleaning BUT I can also process normal laundry through the machine so it is always earning me money! Brewer and Bunney came to my shop and their installation team did a thorough site survey to make sure that everything could be installed correctly and quickly, which meant I had minimal downtime. On the day they set up the dosing system for me, programmed the machine and with a little bit of training I was away! They did a first class job for me.”


Barnes the Cleaners

When Amanda Barnes opened her specialist laundry in 2009 in the picturesque town of Ivybridge in Devon, it was the very first in the county to offer the Lagoon® wet cleaning system. Four years later, when planning to expand the business with another environmentally-friendly cleaning shop, there was only one system to turn to.

During the original specification process, Amanda approached Electrolux Approved Supplier Brewer and Bunney with the request for laundry machines that would be able to process high volumes of commercial laundry for holiday properties. Brewer and Bunney recommended Electrolux’s Lagoon® system, an environmentally-friendly process which could increase profits in the business, and offered to take Amanda to see it in action at a number of large hotels in the area.

“I was hooked on the system immediately,” explains Amanda. “I could see the potential of wet cleaning, and our shop in Ivybridge became Devon’s first specialist laundry to offer the Lagoon® system very soon afterwards.

It took a short while for the team to build up their clientele as they sought to educate people on wet cleaning but, as the first and only professional wet-cleaning system to be approved by the Woolmark Company, installing the Lagoon® system offered clear business benefits. The installation designated the cleaners as a Woolmark-accredited site and could offer an extensive range of laundry solutions for diverse garments, even those labelled ‘dry clean only’.

Electrolux Professional provided the shop’s staff with extensive product training, and the team of six also underwent NVQ training with a local college. After gaining experience of the system day-in, day-out and overcoming the different challenges posed to them through customers’ garments, it wasn’t long before the team was processing a high volume of items every day and Amanda was once again setting her sights on a sustainable cleaning shop in Totnes, Devon.

“Totnes is renowned for having an environmentally-conscious outlook and a busy high street bursting with alternative, independent shops,” Amanda adds. “After three years of waiting, we found the perfect location, with adequate space, parking and utilities and took it from there.”

A Complete Laundry Solution
Due to the success of her Ivybridge shop, Amanda contacted Brewer & Bunney, and the precise equipment which would match her requirements was ordered straight to the new site.

They specified a full Lagoon® system, including an 18kg W5180H washer, a 32lb T5350 tumble dryer, a steam-heated FFT-WC multi-form finisher for shirts, jackets and suits, and a FIT1-WC handheld ironer and ironing table. On top of that, there is also a flatwork ironer suitable for high volumes of linen. The full range of equipment installed means that Barnes the Cleaners can offer an array services to its customers, from wet cleaning, to the washing and ironing of sheets for commercial properties, even down to the window- and carpet-cleaning sides of the business.

The shop opened in October 2013 and found success almost immediately among the town’s environmentally-conscious inhabitants, thanks to the green credentials of wet cleaning. The Lagoon® system is fully compliant with the international environmental standard EC91/155, combining natural elements such as water and biodegradable detergents to produce a safe and efficient wash, time after time.

The feedback
Amanda Barnes, owner of Barnes the Cleaners, comments: “I’d always wanted to open an environmentally-friendly laundry, and Totnes was the perfect location. Brewer and Bunney were aware of my idea for some time, and have always been extremely helpful and supportive – overseeing the whole process from specification, to purchase, right down to the servicing equipment. We couldn’t wish for a better supplier and we certainly wouldn’t go anywhere else.

“When I initially sited the Lagoon® system in Ivybridge it was a bit of a challenge educating people about the differences between dry cleaning and wet cleaning. It’s still a new and innovative concept, but now customers are much more receptive and the people in Totnes have been extremely accepting and enthusiastic about what we are doing.

“We’ve done extremely well there and we can process over one hundred items per day. People choose us over a traditional drycleaners because it’s a much better for the environment and for their clothes. And from a business perspective it’s great, because we can deal with any challenge presented to us. Whether it’s an everyday suit, a wedding dress, a leather jacket, or a suede skirt; we can accept absolutely anything.

“We’re extremely happy with all the kit provided, and we’ve just opened a second commercial laundry in Ivybridge which also has Electrolux equipment supplied by Brewer and Bunney.”


The Downtons Propfessional Cleaning Solution


A first for Cornwall

Why Electrolux?
“We’re so pleased to be the first company in Cornwall to install the Electrolux Lagoon® wet-cleaning system, a professional system that demonstrates the speciality and expertise of services that we can now provide. The new equipment has enabled us to increase our in-house services and this has opened up a whole new market for us. Our customers are intrigued and impressed by the cleaning capabilities of the new machinery and the sustainability element is something that I see as crucial for my business going forward.”

Jane Downton of Downtons Dry Cleaning

The Background
When Jane Downton, owner of Downtons Dry Cleaning in Launceston, Cornwall, decided to expand her range of services to include specialist cleaning such as wedding dresses and leather garments, she knew it was going to be a major investment and to achieve the desired results, a detailed specification was required.

The Vision
Jane’s vision was to ensure that Downtons could offer a complementary service to its recently installed dry cleaning equipment to provide its customers with a professional cleaning service that was not biased towards a particular cleaning process, or limited in the services it could offer through the equipment installed. The best cleaning process for her customer’s garments was paramount in the decision making process. Brewer and Bunney and Electrolux Professional were briefed and teamed up to provide a comprehensive equipment solution.

Specifically Jane saw the opportunity for Downtons Dry Cleaning to widen its services to include the safe and effective cleaning of; duvets, wedding dresses, leathers, curtains and upholstery, as well as contract laundry. After an in depth review of Jane’s business aims, Brewer and Bunney specified the Electrolux Lagoon® wet-cleaning system.

The Installation
Electrolux Professional developed the Lagoon® wet-cleaning system with the needs of the textile industry and the garment care business in mind, and it is the first and only professional wet-cleaning system approved by The Woolmark Company.

The system combines natural elements, such as water and biodegradable detergents, to produce a safe and efficient wash, time after time, that is fully compliant with the international environmental standard EC91/155. Dedicated programs assure superior cleaning results for the most delicate garments, even those that are labelled “dry clean only”.

The Feedback
Jane Downton of Downtons Dry Cleaning commented: “The Lagoon® wet-cleaning system from Electrolux Professional has proved to be an attractive investment as we can now offer our customers a safe option to successfully clean even the most precious and technically challenging garments through adding dedicated programs specific to wedding dress cleaning for example, into the machine. This flexible functionality is proving very popular with our local customers and those further afield.”

Brewer and Bunney commented: “Through working with specialist suppliers such as Electrolux Professional, we always respond to briefs by recommending bespoke equipment packages that will set the foundations in place for a strong business model.

“We’re pleased to see the equipment improving productivity, as wet-cleaning produces outstanding results with a more limited carbon footprint. As the first wet cleaning system to be installed in Cornwall, this is a milestone for the County and for Downtons Dry Cleaning who have also achieved at the same time Woolmark Approval for the business another first for Cornwall.

“I am pleased to see that Downtons Dry Cleaning is now a one stop shop for all domestic and commercial laundry services as a result of successfully implementing the development brief that we were given by Jane Downton.”

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