In a Spin - Camborne Launderette


Bridgend, UK

Julie and Alan Bishop did a lot of market research before deciding to open a new launderette, In a Spin within Camborne. The successful launderette opened in July last year and was the culmination of many years work to find the right location from which to operate.

Brewer & Bunney visited many sites with Julie and Alan before it was decided that Albert St was the very best option.

Brewer & Bunney were able to offer a turnkey option where they provided all the layout drawings and technical specifications and then co-ordinated things so that a complete operational launderette was handed over to Julie and Alan.


Why Brewer & Bunney?

"Brewer & Bunney were a great help in getting the business up and running and were heavily involved at every stage of the process. They offered us a package of machines which were in line with my budget and I was able to install 5 x washers 3 x double stacked dryers 1 x 50 lb dryer."

Julie Bishop

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