Brewer and Bunney offer a full range of laundry chemicals to suit all markets and types of laundry.

Commercial Laundry Chemicals

Brewer and Bunney offers a full range of laundry chemicals to suit all markets and types of laundry. We also stock our own-branded range, which includes:






Additionally, we stock branded products such as:


Professional Persil / Comfort

This combination of products has proved to be very popular in both high-street and holiday park launderette markets. Our offer of effective brands that give excellent results has led to many coin-operated laundries using this system.

Horizon – Low-temperature option

This is a combination of low-temperature detergent, destainer and fabric softener, for use in care settings. It will kill MRSA at 40°C, and C. diff and Coronavirus at 60°C. This system saves time, energy and money.

Buy commercial laundry chemicals that won’t let you down

Our combined offering of strong brands gives excellent results in all settings, which in turn can enhance your operating profits.

Sectors we provide for:


Horizon - High-Temperature Option

Horizon Active, Peroxy and Deosoft.

For nursing homes that wish to thermally disinfect their laundry at over 65°C, we have a detergent and destainer that activate at higher temperatures, producing superb results.

Clax - Full-Range Solution

For hotels, commercial laundries and larger on-premises laundries, we offer the full Clax range of products, which includes:

Perfect starch

Build Alkali

Soft destainer

Mild detergent

Sonril destainer

All our detergents can be auto-dosed to ensure consistency of wash quality and minimise wastage, as well as ensuring that infection control is maintained in care environments. Please see our Auto-Dosing page for more details.

We can also supply detergents for the Electrolux Lagoon wet clean systems, and detergent and rinse aid for commercial dishwashers.

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