We can supply everything from Ironing tables to spotting tables, rotary ironers to formers.

Commercial Ironing & Finishing Equipment

We’ve been a leading supplier of commercial rotary irons in the South west for years, and because we have so many different options and sizes available, there’s no requirement to which we can’t accommodate, from a 1 meter wide plug in the wall, all the way to 3.2 meter with feed fold and stack we can offer the lot.

Here at Brewer & Bunney, we’ve been selling and repairing commercial irons and finishing equipment to laundries, care homes and hotels for or over four decades. In fact, thanks to our reputation for providing exceptional products and customer care, we’re the largest stockist of products such as commercial washing machines and dryers in the South West.

Rotary ironers for flat work

We offer a wide range of rotary ironers from various manufacturers. Typically, the following width sizes are available; 850mm, 1 meter, 1.4 meters, 1.6 meters, 2 meter and 3.2 meters (it’s worth noting the even the most basic rotary ironer works at 3.5 meters per minute).

Machines up to 1.6 - 2 meters are typically electric heat with bigger models being gas heated, and as well as straight return feed models we can offer length fold and feed fold and stack solutions.

Factors to bear in mind beyond the obvious floor space would be power/ utilities, number of staff to operate it (bigger than 1.6 meters is usually 2 people) and how much linen you are looking to process.

We offer a wide range of ironing tables starting a simple plug in the wall vacuum table all the way to a full suck/ blow table with steam gun and sleeve & collar beds, machines can be electric or steam powered.

Spotting tables and formers commonly used in dry cleaning or launderettes and sites with wet cleaning operations such as our Lagoon System are also available.

We’re more than happy to visit your location, assess your needs and provide honest advice based on what’s best for your finances and requirements in the long run.

Contact us on 0800 0665062 or email us via [email protected].

More Than Just a Supplier of Rotary Irons

Over the past four decades, we’ve expanded our product range and service offerings significantly. When it comes to your commercial laundry equipment requirements, virtually nothing is beyond our capabilities. In addition to roller irons for sheets, just some of our products and services include:

Ironing / finishing tables | Clothes formers | Spotting tables

Sectors we provide for:

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