Reduce energy costs with our commercial tumble dryers.

Commercial Tumble Dryers Supply & Maintenance

Laundry is essential to the smooth running of a whole range of businesses and industries. Whether it’s for maintaining strict hygiene standards in a hospital, providing fresh sheets and towels in a hotel, or even getting tablecloths pristine in a restaurant, you need a tumble dryer that gets brilliant results every time.

If you’re looking for the very best industrial tumble dryers in the South West area, look no further than Brewer & Bunney. Contact us today to arrange a consultation with one of our advisors, and we think you’ll soon realise that your search ends here!

That’s because at Brewer & Bunney, we’ve been the leading supplier and repairer of commercial tumble dryers in the South West for over four decades. So you can feel confident that our engineers have the expertise to fulfil any requirement and find the most suitable solution for your needs.

From planning and installation to service and maintenance, we take care of every step of the process.

Energy-Efficient Commercial Tumble Dryers

Thanks to our innovative and market-leading products, you can introduce significant time-savings, which will increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your laundry.

Our tumble dryers guarantee superb results and are also highly energy-efficient, meaning they’ll help you keep your bills down while making your job easier.

As with any new machine, upgrading your old commercial tumble dryer today can bring you the benefit of significant recent advances in technology. On our latest models, you’ll find there is more focus on the efficiency of the machine, and that there are more advanced features such as moisture sensors that stop the machine automatically when the load is dry. In addition, many machines now have axial air flow, where heat flows from the back to the front of the drum, meaning that 100% of the heat passes through the laundry (as opposed to the old style of top-down heating).

Heating methods have evolved too, with today’s new commercial tumble dryers benefitting from big advances in condensers. A new breed of heat pump dryers that need little make-up air and no ducting has become available – alongside traditional electric, gas and LPG heating options.

Stacked Commercial Tumble Dryers

As well as normal single-pocket or drum machines, we offer a wide range of stacked machines. These can come in the form of two dryers, or dryers with their controls at the bottom of the machines so they can be stacked on top of washers (though this is dependent on the model of both, and will require a stacking kit for safety).

These machines are ideal where space is a premium, such as in care homes and hotel laundries, or on campsites.

Please get in touch, as we have many years of knowledge in this area, and will know what will fit in any given space and what the power and ducting requirements are.

High-Performance Commercial Tumble Dryers

Thanks to our innovative and market-leading products, you can improve the efficiency of laundry in your business.

You’ll be glad to know that our tumble dryers guarantee superb results and are also highly energy efficient.

As well as supplying and installing the machines, we can service and maintain them for the whole of their working life.

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