Electrolux Commercial Tumble Dryers in Redruth

Reduce Energy Costs with Our Commercial Tumble Dryers in Redruth

Running a business in the hospitality or healthcare sector can be challenging for a whole host of reasons and keeping things clean and being able to wash and dry clothes efficiently and effectively is one of them. If you run a hospital, maintaining exceptional hygiene standards is of the utmost importance. If you own a hotel, you need a commercial dryer that won’t fail to dry and freshen up your bed linens and towels fully. Fortunately, if you’re looking for the very best industrial tumble dryers in the Redruth area, your search ends here.

At Brewer & Bunney, we’ve been the leading supplier, servicer, repairer and installer of commercial tumble dryers for over four decades, meaning you can feel confident that our experts have the required expertise to cater to any requirement and recommend the most suitable solution for your needs. If you’d like to some advice or want to obtain a free, no-obligation quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch via phone or email, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

How an Industrial Tumble Dryer Can Make Your Life Easier

There’s no need to waste time hanging clothes or bed linens out to dry when you can just throw them in a large commercial tumble dryer and have them ready for use within hours or even minutes. Thanks to our innovative and market-leading products, you can save a lot of time at work and boost productivity in the process. You’ll be glad to know that our tumble dryers are virtually maintenance free, guarantee superb results and are also highly energy efficient, meaning they’ll help you keep your bills down while making your job simpler.

Learn More about Our Commercial Tumble Dryers for Sale in Redruth

Just read the specifications regarding our industrial tumble dryers above, and you’ll soon understand why they’re market leaders. For cost-effective prices, exceptional customer service and unbeatable products, look no further than Brewer & Bunney. Call us on 0800 0665062 for more information.

T5190 Tumble Dryer

6kg to 11kg capacity

T5130, T5130 Condensor, T5190

Specifications T5130 T5130C T5190
Max. capacity 6kg 6kg 11kg
Drum volume 130 ltr 130 ltr 190 ltr
Heating Gas N/A N/A 8kW
El 5.1kW 3kW 6kW
Drying Time 32 mins 55 mins 29 mins

T5250 Tumble Dryer

13kg to 24kg capacity
T5250, T5290, T5350

Specifications T5250 T5290 T5350
Max. capacity 14kg 16kg 20kg
Drum volume 250 ltr 290 ltr 350 ltr
Heating Gas 13.5 kW 18 kW 21 kW
El 13.5 kW 21 kW 18 kW
Drying Time 27 mins 21 mins 24 mins

T5550 Tumble Dryer

33kg to 44kg capacity
T5300S, T5550, T5675

Specifications T5300S T5550 T5675
Max. capacity 2x 16kg 30kg 37kg
Drum volume 2x 300 ltr 550 ltr 675 ltr
Heating Gas 21 kW 33 kW 42 kW
El 18 kW 32 kW 40 kW
Drying Time 23 mins 24 mins 23 mins

T4900-T41200 Tumble Dryer

45kg to 60kg capacity
T4900, T41200

Specifications T41200 T4900
Max. capacity 67 kg 50 kg
Drum volume 1200 ltr 900 ltr
Heating Gas 82 kW 64 kW
82 82
El 72 kW 60 kW
Drying Time 30.5 mins 30 mins

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