8.6kg/19.2lb capacity - Freestanding - Download full PDF specification

Features and benefits

  • Heat Pump tumble dryer with extremely low energy consumption
  • No exhaust ducting needed: installation suitable anywhere at minimal cost
  • Residual Moisture Control (RM) for an accurate drying result and low energy consumption
  • Heat Pump Unit box which can easily be extracted from the machine for fast and convenient access to vital parts
  • Large Door opening for easy loading and unloading
  • Can operate in high ambient temperatures thanks to unique water cooling system
  • Reversible door hanging for a convenient laundry flow
  • Reversing drum for less tangling of large items
  • Silent operation
  • High productivity dryer with a very small footprint
  • User-friendly ECL Easy Clean System for lint screen and filters: less maintenance and constant high performance
  • Unique, ergonomic horizontal filter solution
  • Minimal heating of the room – no ventilation needed
  • Compass Pro® microprocessor offers:
    • Large and clear display for easy program selection
    • 6 quick selection buttons for programs and options
    • User friendly interface with language selection
    • USB connection for easy service access

Main Specifications

Rated capacity filling factor 1:22 8.6kg / 19.2lb
Drum volume 190 ltrs
diameter 680 Ømm
Rated input 2.3 kW

Consumption data *

Drying time** 51 mins
Energy consumption*** 1.64 kWh
Evaporation 85 g/min
Energy/ water evaporated kWh/litre 0.38
Energy/ load of linen kWh/kg 0.19
Water consumption **** 0.8 ltr

Certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and approved IP X4.

* - At rated capacity 100% cotton load at 50% initial moisture dryed to 0%
** - Drying time for filling factor 1:44 is 31 min
*** - with ambient temperature at 22ºC, 50% humidity
**** - Cooling water temperature of 22ºC, water pressure 4.5 bar.