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Commercial laundry equipment from Schulthess, Electrolux, Primus, Girbau and other leading brands that won’t let your business down.

All technologies evolve in leaps and bounds, and washing machines and dryers are no exception. If your commercial appliances are more than 8 to 10 years old, they may require expensive repairs. So, while you might think investing in a new commercial washing machine is an expense you can do without, you ought to consider just how much money it could save you in the long run.

With features such as vibration control, power balance and automatic weighing systems, our commercial washing machines are almost guaranteed to stand the test of time with minimal maintenance required.

Add that to the savings you’ll make on your energy bills, water consumption, and detergent, and you’ll see why investing in new commercial laundry equipment from us becomes a sensible commercial decision.

At Brewer & Bunney, we serve our clients in industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality with the very best commercial laundry equipment on the market. Thanks to having earnt a reputation for excellence over the past four decades, we are one of the largest industrial laundry suppliers in the South West, and we won’t be beaten on price.

Please see below for a breakdown of the different features and types of commercial laundry machines, from light commercial to high-speed and rigid mount washing machines, and even industrial barrier washers.

Alternatively, please get in touch with one of our dedicated advisors. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and arrange a free site survey if needed.

Light Commercial Washing Machines

Coin or manual: Both available

Suitable for care?: Yes, sluice models available

Size range: 8kg – 12kg

Suggested loads per day: 8

Light commercial washing machines are ideal in environments where domestic machines are either not robust or fast enough. They can have additional functionality built in, such as medical sluice functions for use in care homes, or coin-operated access for caravan and holiday parks.

They’re capable of a sustained duty cycle of eight loads per day, and can often be stacked with the washer at the bottom and dryer at the top – ideal if floor space is at a premium.

These machines are typically hardwired in to your electrical system, giving them more power. With their hot and cold water feeds, an average 60°C wash takes around 50 to 60 minutes. In comparison, a domestic machine takes two to three hours to perform the same task.

We offer models from Schulthess, Electrolux, Primus, IPSO and Speed Queen, and are happy to talk through the differences with you. Contact us on 0800 0665062 or email us via [email protected]


High-Speed Commercial Washing Machines

Coin or manual: Both available

Suitable for care?: Yes – ideal so long as correct model / drainage specified.

Size range: 6kg – 100kg

Suggested loads per day: 24 hour operation

High-speed commercial washing machines are designed to last for around 30,000 cycles, and are built to work in the most demanding environments, such as healthcare and hospitality. If you’re considering a high-speed commercial washing machine, there are several important considerations to make.

  • What you’re washing, how much of it, and how often
  • Utilities, particularly power: these machines run on three-phrase electrical supplies
  • Drainage: the position of available drains, and whether the machine needs to stand on a plinth
  • Available space

New machines, such as the Electrolux 6000-series, which we supply, lead the market in efficiency meaning a lower cost-per-wash. They achieve this by auto-dosing detergent based on the weight and absorbency of loads. This in turn avoids costly human errors such as inaccurate dosing, which leads to damaged fabric and can cause skin irritation.

In short, a high-speed commercial washer is a brilliant solution for hospitality and healthcare laundry needs, as well as other situations that require them.

Contact us on 0800 0665062 or email us via [email protected].

Rigid Mount Commercial Washing Machines

Coin or manual: Both available

Suitable for care?: For care homes, we normally recommend High-Speed Commercial Washing Machines instead (see above).

Size range: 6kg – 100kg

Suggested loads per day: 24-hour operation

Rigid-mount machines have much harder and more durable shock absorbers and suspension, making them ideal for launderettes. As well as washing normal domestic loads, they can also handle large rugs or duvets. However, they need to be fixed to the floor, ideally bolted to sound concrete.

While cheaper than their high-speed counterparts, they spin at a slower speed. This means reduced water extraction and therefore longer drying times. They can also be more costly to install.

Reliable Commercial Laundry Equipment

At Brewer & Bunney, we serve our clients in industries ranging from healthcare to hospitality with only the very best commercial laundry equipment on the market.

Sectors we provide for:

Medical Barrier Washers

Barrier washers are typically the domain of hospitals and very large care environments. They are built into the wall between a ‘dirty’ and ‘clean’ area. For example, in a hospital mop laundry, used mops come into the dirty room and can only get to the clean room via the washer. This reduces the likelihood of accidentally reusing dirty items to the absolute minimum.

Unlike a conventional washer with a door in the front, barrier washers have a door in either side opening into each room. They typically start at around a 30kg load capacity.

Given the specialised nature and high installation costs of these machines, please contact us to arrange a site meeting so we can recommend the correct equipment.


Commercial Laundry Consultancy

Not sure what laundry machine you need? If you can’t decide which model is right for you, or whether now is the best time to replace your commercial laundry appliances, why not call our advisors to organise a free consultation? You’re under no obligation to purchase anything, and we never use pushy or unfair sales tactics.

Give us a call on 0800 0665062 today or email [email protected] to find out how we can help you.

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