High Spin
Machines -

33kg to 110kg capacity · Freestanding machines – no special floor fixings · Voltages 240v 1ph or 415v 3ph

Washing Machine Features and Benefits

  • Type Ab Air-gap Fluid category 6
  • Energy saving High Spin Speed Spin (450g)
  • Very Low Water Usage. Lowest on the market
  • Automatic Weighing System save up to 50% on water use
  • Sluice and Thermal Disinfection of Soiled laundry
  • Power Balance – Reduces vibration and prolongs machine life
  • Compass Pro Control- Quick selection and option buttons
  • Clarus Control- Fully programmable machine
  • Coin operation option

W4400H High Spin Washing Machine

High Spin Washing Machine


W4400H – capacity
W4600H – capacity
Freestanding machines – no special floor fixings

Specifications W4400H W4600H
Max. capacity 45kg / 100lb 65kg / 135lb
Drum volume 400 litres 600 litres
Extraction 920 rpm 980 rpm
G-Factor 350 350

Download full PDF specification

W4850H, W41100H High Spin Washing Machine

High Spin Washing Machine


W4850H – capacity
W41100H – capacity
Freestanding machines – no special floor fixings

Specifications W4850H W41100H
Max. capacity 90kg / 200lb 120kg / 2500lb
Drum volume 850 litres 1100 litres
Extraction 720 rpm 663 rpm
G-Factor 350 300

Download full PDF specification