Putting great results within your budget

Brewer and Bunney Managed Laundry Dosing Systems bring you:

  • Better control over your budget
  • A clean, safe working environment
  • Hygienic clean and fresh laundry
  • Total control over your laundry

Stay on budget with precise, reliable dosing systems

Brewer and Bunney Liquid Laundry Systems make cost control simple by dispensing exactly the same amount each time. Your costs are therefore controlled, predictable and consistent, and you stay within your budget.

Easy to use, for a clean, smooth running workplace

Pumps supplied free on loan

  • Dispense exactly the right product at the right time
  • No manual dosing, means no supervision
  • Match the right wash programme to the right linen
  • Simplify laundry operations and increase efficency
  • Eliminate messy powder residue

Our systems are used by over 300 organisations over the South -West.

They know they can rely on a cost effective, trouble-free laundry operation, helped by our dedicated specialists, services and methods.

Managed System

It is a managed system because we have a dedicated team of our own highly trained staff who will install the pump units,

  • do a water hardness test
  • do a ph test of the water
  • calibrate the system to give you optimum performance levels
  • provide health and safety and manual handling training
  • provide Good Laundry Practice training based on 35 years’ experience
  • maintain and service the pump system at agreed intervals during the year
  • troubleshoot any laundry issues that may occur
  • all response time is on a same day next day service level
  • all of the above services are provided free of charge

We keep a comprehensive range of stock and deliveries are made all over the south west within 4 working days.