Getting great results within your budget.

Managed auto-dosing systems for commercial washing machines

A managed laundry dosing system helps keep your running costs low and predictable. We also offer a choice of great-value financing options for commercial laundry equipment.

Brewer and Bunney Managed Laundry Dosing Systems bring you:

Better control over your budget

A clean, safe working environment

Fresh, hygienic laundry every time

Total control over your laundry

Precise, reliable auto-dosing systems

Brewer and Bunney Liquid Laundry Systems make cost control simple by automatically dispensing the correct dose of detergent every time. Your costs associated with detergent consumption are therefore predictable and consistent, allowing you to stay within your budget.

Washing Machine Auto-Dosing Installation Service

We have a dedicated team of our own highly trained staff who will install the pump units. Included in our managed auto-dosing system service free of extra charge are all of the following:

Water hardness test

Water pH test

System calibration to give you optimal performance levels

Health & Safety training, including Manual Handling training

Good Laundry Practice training, based on 35 years’ experience

Maintenance and servicing of the pump system at agreed intervals during the year

Troubleshooting of any laundry issues that may occur

Same-day or next-day response time

Popular Auto-Dosing Systems

Our systems are used by over 300 organisations over the South-West.

They know they can rely on a cost effective, trouble-free laundry operation, helped by our dedicated specialists, services and methods.

Easy-to-use, Efficient Auto-Dosing Systems

Our managed auto-dosing systems are quick and easy to use, helping to keep your workplace running smoothly and efficiently.

The pumps needed are supplied on a free loan basis as part of the system.

Benefits of Managed Auto-Dosing Systems

Dispense exactly the right product at the right time

No manual dosing means no supervision of staff required

Match the right wash programme to the right linen

Simplify laundry operations and increase efficiency

Eliminate messy washing powder residue

"Once we saw the system operating in the Brewer and Bunney showroom, we knew that we had to have it. For us, it meant we were able to increase our Laundry capacity and at the same time develop our business into a new area with Wet Cleaning. The Brewer and Bunney team installed the equipment, set up the dosing system, and then programmed the machines to get us started. They provided the training for us, and then we were on our way. We are delighted with the system and with all the great Brewer and Bunney support!"

— L J Laundry

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