Headland Hotel new laundry

North Cornwall Linen 02The Headland Hotel is an iconic building set on the edge of Fistral Bay with stunning views across the Atlantic Ocean. The hotel operates an on premise laundry to provide the bed linen with the quality of finish they require for their discerning guests. Brewer and Bunney installed the original equipment and were delighted to be asked in again to discuss a laundry expansion programme due to the outstanding success of the Award winning Hotel spa facility.

Recommendations were made and then a carefully crafted schedule of works were devised to ensure that the hotel and the laundry could continue to operate while the equipment was being exchanged and upgraded. Everything went smoothly and the new laundry is operating to everyone’s satisfaction.

Jude Gallagher, Executive Housekeeper Manager said “Brewer and Bunney have always given us very good service so we were happy to talk to them again about the upgrade. Everything went according to plan and we are delighted with the results”